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Mission statement - Vintage and any other Seiko watches, when available, are offered for sale. Our watches are fully functional, tested and monitored for at least for a week. Also, all functionalities are tested before we put them on sale. We clean, optical check the movement, (sometimes) polish, (sometimes) brush and take care of our watches before we ship.


We do understand that some Seiko watches have historical meaning, so these watches will not be polished or brushed. All images are from the actual watch you are buying and are not retouched. Sometimes the images will be light & colour corrected but will never infringe the reality of the watch, pecks of dust or debris will be removed.


Return policy - We abide by Chrono24 rules of buying and return policies. Sometimes we offer a limited or an extended guarantee or warranty. We truly aim to strive for the best service and deliver the quality as advertised. If you do not wish to take such a risk when buying a vintage watch we advise you buy a new watch.


And if, or when you encounter a problem with a watch you bought from us (within reason and outside of the description of the watch), we will ALWAYS try and resolve this matter with you, the buyer. We sell good quality watches and they are (in most if not all cases) serviceable, and we recommend you do this at least every 4/5 years. It will increase the longevity of your watch.


Finally, if your watch is considered vintage so do NOT SHOWER or SWIM with them. Even if they claim to be water proof or water resistant. Also when using the quick set feature on a watch for the day or date setting (when provided) FIRST SET THE TIME MANUALLY TO AROUND 6:35 'O CLOCK!


So it will not break the day/date lever because in some cases they are made out of plastic which breaks easily. If you break this lever and push for a refund/return we will investigate if the problem happened by faulty use or otherwise. Newer watches are okay to swim with of course. But when they are about 20 years old please check if they are properly equipped to do so.


No matter what, we will help you fixing the watch, but, unfortunately we will have to relay these costs to the buyer, even if you have done this by accident or not.

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When you buy a watch you can use the image for own use but NOT for reselling! You have to make your own, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, we will contact you and we may charge usage fees. So please respect the fact that these images take time and cost money to produce.