We offer a wide range of second-hand or pre-owned watches. While our focus is mostly towards vintage Seiko watches you will find some other watch brands here as well. We also sell brand new watches or 'vintage but never used before' watches (NOS).


We are confident you will be able to find a watch suitable to meet your budget and because we offer a wide range of watches we have made some categorised pages indicating the quality series of Seiko such as 'Superior', 'Grand', so forth. Information is provided next to the watches in the notes, a background view of the watch (heritage) and some information on the actual watch itself.


Quite recently we are selling through Chrono24. While we do not like to hand over commission to an external company we have decided that when we sell expensive watches we as a seller and you as a buyer may need some more securities. We plan to extend our business towards high range and significant pieces.


We still try to offer the same service and dedication. We also make sure that the watches you buy from are interesting for people that wear a watch for a year and move on to acquire another model and still can make a small profit out of the initial buy.

One more thing... All images are copyright protected and owned by When you buy a watch you can use the image for own use but NOT for reselling! Then you have to make your own, because we will contact you and charge fees. Producing these images take time and cost money.

Seiko Brightz Ananta Chrono 6S28-00J0  Automatic

Seiko Brightz SAGA 8B45-0AW0  Solar quartz

Seiko Grand Quartz 4843-7001  10-sided bezel

SEIKO Business-A 8306 - 8001 (Automatic)

SEIKO Landmaster SBCW001 5M45 - 6A01

SEIKO Marinemaster SBDX001 8L35 - 0010

SEIKO SBGR057 9S65 - 00C0 Automatic

SEIKO 62MAS 6217 - 8001 '1st DIVER'

SEIKO 3883 - 7000 MORPHO

If you have any questions, please email us at We will be happy to enlighten you with any question you might have on our watches or on the webshop. We sell only through Paypal and we ship to the whole world. Shipping costs will be calculated depending on buyer location. Please read our mission statement, Payment, return & refund policy! By buying a watch through Paypal you have agreed upon these rules.


We value your privacy as we do ours. We didn't put our contact information on this site, but we will provide you with this information if you make inquiries or want buy a watch from our site. Finally, we can't guarantee all information on our site to be correct. We strive for perfection, not only regarding the watches we sell but also concerning our customer service and the information provided here on our site. But, we reserve the right to make (minor) mistakes.



Mission statement - Vintage and any other Seiko watches, when available, are offered for sale. Our watches are fully functional, tested and monitored for at least for a week. Also, all functionalities are tested before we put them on sale. We clean, optical check the movement, (sometimes) polish, (sometimes) brush and take care of our watches before we ship. We do understand that some Seiko watches have historical meaning, so these watches will not be polished or brushed. All images are from the actual watch you are buying and are not retouched.


Also, watches ranked triple A (AAA) are unpolished, as we regard these watches NOS (New Old Stock) or near NOS. NOS watches do not have to be polished or brushed. But sometimes they have to be cleaned depending on how they where stored. If a watch has problems or it has any other dysfunction which is not true to the watch then WE WILL INCLUDE THIS IN THE NOTE SECTION! A 'NO RETURN POLICY' is in place if a watch is marked as JUNK (immobile or otherwise), the description of the watch will include this statement. You will be notified when you are buying JUNK, parts or repair watch for parts or otherwise.


Payments - Payments can be made using PayPal - automatically by using our shopping basket. We adhere to Paypal's terms of use.

Shipping - Next day shipping (working days) - tracked, registered and insured. We know you are impatient, so make sure to be home because you will need to sign for delivery. Shipping fees are calculated using the shopping basket. We delicately package our watches so don't worry about packaging and condition. OVERPAID shipping costs are refunded to the Paypal buyer.

We charge a 5 Euro handling fee for materials and such on top of the actual shipping costs.


Return & refund policy #1 - We can't sell vintage watches with any guarantee because we can't look 'inside' the movement and determine if a part, that has been working for many years, is suddenly about to break. Such is the risk of buying a vintage watch. Therefore we handle a no return policy.


Off course you may open a Paypal dispute if you didn’t receive your item or you received a watch that doesn’t match our description. We will always assist you in helping to solve what ever problem there may be.


Return policy #2 - Again, we are very sorry, but we can't take back a watch just because all of a sudden 'you just don't like it' or use an excuse of similar meaning. We are not Amazon or a major wholesale business. We are a very small enterprise and our margins aren't very high so we can't afford going back and forth with a watch. UNLESS... Unless we made prior written arrangements with you, the buyer, for doing so, but you will have to discuss these exceptions prior to buying a watch.


We truly aim to strive for the best service and deliver the quality as advertised. If you do not wish to take such a risk when buying a vintage watch we advise you buy a new Seiko, from a regular store. And if, or when you encounter a problem with a watch you bought from us (within reason and outside of the description of the watch), we will ALWAYS try and resolve this matter with you, the buyer. We keep our watches listed after they have been sold to provide history, transparency and accountability. We sell good quality watches and they are in most cases serviceable, and we recommend you do this at least every 3 years. It will increase the longevity of your watch.


Finally, our watches are vintage so do NOT SHOWER or SWIM with them. Even if they claim to be water proof or water resistant. Also when using the quick set feature on a watch for the day or date setting (when provided) FIRST SET THE TIME MANUALLY TO AROUND 6:35 'O CLOCK! So it will not break the day/date lever because in some cases they are made out of plastic which breaks easily. If you break this lever and push for a refund/return we will investigate if the problem happened by faulty use or otherwise. No matter what, we will help you fixing the watch, but, unfortunately we will have to relay these costs to the buyer, even if you have done this by accident or not.


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